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"High heels " ... start to hurt after an hour !!! (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi Lady's are you also suffering from the pain after long night clubbing in weekends ?

According to a recent survey by The College of Podiatrists, most women report that high heels start to hurt after 1 hour, while 20% say they can feel the pain after just 10min!

However, the survey goes further to say that 40% of those ladies say that they will endure the pain for the sake of fashion !!!!

When the pain gets too much, one in four women said that they have resorted to dancing barefoot in a nightclub or bar, while a third of women said that they have walked home barefoot due to throbbing feet.

“We all like to look good but it’s important to take a common sense approach to footwear,”. “High heels and flip flops are fine to wear occasionally but not all the time. For day to day wear you should opt for a well-fitting round toed shoe with a heel height of around three centimeters.”

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