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Housing 1 | Negotiating a Tenancy! (Kuala Lumpur)

My advise on negotiating on property is simple: do not over negotiate; choose the property that you really like aesthetically, environmentally, and on community. Concentrate on the rental permonth.

Malaysia is a subsidy state: so wherever you are the utilities does not fluctuate that much more from property to property. Only rents, taxes and maintenance. As a tenant, your responsibility is only the Rent + your monthly billings.

You do not need to define the use of the facilities of the condo nor the use of the amenities as that is part and parcel of the rights of use of the occupier of the unit. Get whatever utilities you need, as long as you pay them and when you leave you disconnect them.

What you need to define in your understanding with the landlord is your 4Fs ~ the schedule of Fixtures, Fittings, Furnitures and Furnishings. Plus the number of Access Cards, Car Park Stickers, Keys and Air Cond Servicing during the year. Do make reasonable requests if you need something in particular not provided for.

Your Tenure is either 1, 2, 3 years with an option to renew either 1, 2, 3 years. The renewable option period cannot be longer than the inital period.

Payments to landlords are 2 (months security deposit Protected content half (months utilities deposit Protected content advance rental) upon signing. Negotiate that the landlord pays for his solicitors and you pay for yours and tenants usually pay the stamping fee. There is also an Tenancy Agreement fee to be borne typically by the Tenant

If you need a more sophisticated agreement, look to a seasoned property broker to present your specific requirements to the landlord.

There are other clauses you can put into your tenancy contract that would give you flexibility. I will write more about that later... but in the meantime, read:
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