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Housing 2 | What is a Service Apartment? (Kuala Lumpur)

There is no standard definition of Serviced other than to charge you a little more than non-serviced. However, service should include a butler, concierge or doorman service. It should also imply an in-house keeper to provide cleaning, maintenance and upkeep.

Serviced Apartments are Hotels but the product units are in the shape of apartments rather than hotel rooms. It will provide you with the same amenities as Hotels and their rates are daily, weekly monthly or longer let. Here they are governed by the Innkeeper's Act/Hospitality code of Conduct, by Ministry of Tourism.

Serviced Condos are not Hotels, but where the developer or management are providing amenities akin to serviced apartments, but are typically at minimum a monthly let. Here they are governed by Tenancies and not considered hospitality.

Most Condos today have outsourced cleaning services, some will come to your unit for cleaning if you pay them something. You will find also self serviced launderettes and/or dhobi/dry cleaning where they either charge you by the kilo or by the piece.

Maintenance is something the landlord always pays. Its his commitment to the development, and yes the costs are usually passed on to the tenant and typically built in to the tenancy/lease agreement as part and parcel of rent. So if rent is RM1000, it includes maintenance. You are expected to pay for your utilities, ie: anything that is pay as you go including power, telephone, broadband, water, sewerage and anything else consumed. Sometimes Water is so cheap typically RM10 per person and Sewerage is RM8 per month per condo, that landlords absorb them.

There are other clauses you can put into your tenancy contract that would give you flexibility. I will write more about that later... but in the meantime, read:
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