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Housing 5 | About Tenures! (Kuala Lumpur)

There is another type of "+1 (plus one)" ... its about *tenure*...
The Tenure is a period of time of occupation.
The "initial term" is always the first period of tenancy,
whereas the "extended term" is the period that a tenant has the option to extend the tenancy.
An extended term period cannot be longer than an initial term period in Malaysian Real Estate Law.

Different agreements have different variations and different features, but one thing remains is the nomenclature:
a Protected content means 2 years in the initial period plus/+ 1 year in the extended term.
sometimes it could be a Protected content means 3 years in the initial term, 3 years in the extended term and another 3 years in the second extended term.

A "tenancy" in Malaysia is valid for no more than 3 years in either the intial or extended period and no more than 7 years in total (in one contract) otherwise it becomes a "lease".
So technically you lock into an agreement a long term tenancy like Protected content Protected content .

My advise to ensure your initial term coincide with your work/expat permit. So if your employer decides not to renew your contract, your housing comes to an end about the same time.

There are other clauses you can put into your tenancy contract that would give you flexibility. I will write more about that later... but in the meantime, read:
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