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Housing 6 | Utility Bills (Kuala Lumpur)

I had penned down this sometime ago but was buried in another thread, and since it seems pretty up to date, I thought I'd bring it to the forefront for everyone's benefit.

Utility Bills in Malaysia are quite peculiar. For TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad is your energy or electrical supplier), I recommend to look at your bills on a two monthly basis as the first month bill is typically an Estimate and the second is Actual. it can also be both Estimates or both Actual, depending on the meter maid/guy if she/he managed to get access to the meter to read it.

Sometimes the first month's bill is undervalued or overvalued and the second is that correction and actual consumption for the second.

Typically for the first person you need to average RM350pm for the following items used daily:
>Fridge, TV, Astro, Broadband Modem, Broadband Router, Broadband Phone, radio, 2 Fans, Lighting, 1 AirCond round the clock, 1 Computer, 1 Printer, Microwave and miscellaneous use of other Kitchen equipment and water heaters.

For the second and third member you add approximately 30% and 35% per person respectively. The fourth about 40%. Babies don't really count except for boiling water and sterilisation of baby utensils. The more occupants, the more consumption and the energy bills go thru the different tiers, and each higher tier has a higher billing unit per consumption. From an energy point of view, If you are more than 4/5 persons, do consider a second unit of dwelling or meter ~ a perfect excuse to get rid of the MiL.

Gas in Malaysia is *super* cheap, therefore avoid cooking with an electric stove/hot plates/infrared/ceramic devices. Gas tanks are RM Protected content on the guy who delivers. RM50 for deposit of the tank, and maybe another RM35 for fitting out devices at the beginning. In Condos or where Gas is piped by Gas Malaysia, you have minimum charge even if you do not use it. Most often its RM8. If you do have an option, gas cylinders are best. A lot of condo users have both, pipped gas for the Dry Kitchen and Gas Cylinders for the Wet Kitchen.

For Water, you pay to Syabas if you don't live in a Condo. Most Condos in KL will invoice you the share of the water usage, or your actual usage. Some Condos charge RM30 per quarter irrespective if you use water or go above a limit, some RM8 per month or some on your actual usage. Payment in Condos are to the Management, as the management maintains the final pipes to the premises.

My firm recently fitted out 20 identical units for expats who were either single or couples dwellings, and we came across these numbers as a average benchmark.

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Thank you for reading this, please do share your thoughts below.
and feel free to connect with me on InterNations! Cheers!

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