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Housing 9 | Living in KL ~ Petrol Card (Kuala Lumpur)

I had penned down this sometime ago but was buried in another thread, and since it seems pretty up to date, I thought I'd bring it to the forefront for everyone's benefit.

A RM500 Petrol Card is decent and most Japanese cars will consume less than that in 1 month. A diesel car will consume only half of that per month.

We have 2 grades of petrol Fuel ~ RON95 @RM1.80 per litre and RON97 @ RM2.60 per litre. RON95 is fixed and subsidised heavily by Government whilst RON97 is technically free-floating and re-priced monthly. Diesel is RM1.80 fixed and subsidised by Government too.

>2.0litre petrol Camry gives about Protected content per full tank
>2.0litre petrol Perdana gives about Protected content per full tank
>Prius Hybrid gives an average of 700km per full tank
>Frontier Diesel gives an average of 500km per full tank

Therefore, RM500 is decent for any of those cars or lesser cars. Larger cars of 2.0litre engines will require a petrol card of RM800 or more.

The Petrol Card that you receive will typically be usable for a certain franchise of fuel stations, ie: Shell, Petronas, Esso, Caltex, BHP, depending on your firm's arrangement with the fuel company. You cannot pay toll with these cards (i believe).

Another Card will come in handy is a Touch N Go Card for paying tolls. It is a pre-paid top up card that can be used for LRT, 7-Elevens and some other types of outlets. You top up from your ATM machine or from Fuel Stations or from the Toll road lanes.

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Thank you for reading this, please do share your thoughts below.
and feel free to connect with me on InterNations! Cheers!

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