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How to Do Your Part in Saving the Earth (Kuala Lumpur)

More people are doing drastic actions by completely changing their lifestyle by eliminating waste. You can do your part in small simple ways.

Ditch the Straw — a lot of restos and cafes have established a no-straw policy and that saves a whole lot of plastic waste each day. You can purchase a steel straw kit that comes with a brush cleaner and a handy compact case you can easily carry anywhere.

Bring an Eco Bag-bring your own eco bag to store all your grocery or other purchases to limit use of paper or plastic bags. Some supermarkets or department stores carry these eco bags right at the counter where they ask if you would wish to purchase some and use them instead. They are made with cloth and can be folded in your bag when not in use.

Recycle Plastic- in case you forgot your eco-bag, do not throw the packaging or plastic your purchase was put in to. Instead, keep it and use another time.

Protected content Paper Usage — this can be mostly applied to businesses where daily printing of hundreds, if not thousands, of documents occur. A lot of industries have migrated to an online fax service and this move has actually saved a lot of trees. Encourage your workplace or businesses to switch to an online fax service and get rid of the traditional fax machine.

Protected content Cloths — instead of using paper towels to clean a surface, use a cloth you can throw in the laundry after. Or when cleaning your face, skip using wet wipes or cotton pads and use a washable cloth instead.

How many of these do you actually practice right now? Let us all do our part in saving the earth as we only have one to live on. Start small and incorporate these things to your every day life!

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