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How to Market Your Business Yourself (Kuala Lumpur)

If you are just starting your business and needs exposure and brand awareness, there are simple but effective ways you can do yourself. You don’t need to hire a marketing agency that will eat a big chunk of your budget especially when business is just starting.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to market your business for less:

Social Media Presence-set up public pages for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets you want. The more, the better. List your complete business details and post content regularly. The trick is for people to be familiar with your business. Be graphic and creative!

Fax Marketing/Email Marketing — do not over do it though as it might backfire and consumers might brand you a spammer. Once a week should suffice and make sure your message contains useful information that would attract potential clients. Use a fax broadcasting service that can send a message to a pool of people which you can do yourself.
Protected content has a free trial service that offers fax broadcasting or volume online fax

Giveaways/Promos — who doesn’t love freebies? You can start by giving away incentives with the mechanics of tagging 3 people and sharing your post. This is a good and sneaky way to reach a big pool of prospects and create brand awareness.

Service Exchange — contact an influencer to promote your business in exchange for free services or products. Not all will agree to this, but it’s worth a try! They have followers which your business will be exposed to.

Remember that marketing takes time and effects won’t be seen overnight so give it time. It might be slow at first, but you will get there. Let creativity and passion guide you!

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