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how to spend my time while jobhunting (Kuala Lumpur)


I have decided to move to Kuala Lumpur to be with my partner and thus I am looking for a job.
I am currently working with a mixture of sales and service and
would like to become better in account management and sales.
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I think finding a job in Malaysia will take me quite some time and effort. I was wondering how I should spend my time while looking. I have a can do attitude and I am intending to move to Kuala Lumpur October this year with or without a job. My mindset is take everything you can and work yourself up from there. I think It will be easier to find a job while I'm here and giving it all of my energy than continue working in the Netherlands and casually sending out letters.

My question to the community on this forum is how should I spend my time while looking?

Should I try to get an internship? Should I perhaps improve my business English? Or should I start with learning the Malay language?

Any thoughts and ideas are highly appreciated.

With kind regards,

Kees de Weerd

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