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I'LL DO IT FOR YOU (Kuala Lumpur)

Are you too busy to get some things done?
I am a fit 69yr old American man who retired 2yrs ago and took off traveling. My career was in publishing - I used to own a weekly paper in Bellingham, WA.
I could complete most any task for you.
Pick up and delivery.
Organize your space.
*** I could help improve your health by taking the time to carefully hand select fresh, ripe fruit and veggies. The veggies could be washed, cut and placed in containers for you to easily get to over the next 4 or 5 days. All organic could be arranged easily.
I can make healthy salad dressings. I could show you how to always be sprouting seeds in your apt providing excellent nutrition.
I can make smoothies that taste as good as any rich creamy milk shake.
I could gather info online on subjects of interest to you.
I could write for you.
I could workout with you - motivate you.
I've been a runner for over 50yrs -- injury free.
Or Swimming or hiking or whatever.
My fee is negotiable. Perhaps around $15 USD/hr with 2hr min. Trades welcome.

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