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Invest in the future, conference with a noble aim (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello Fellows :)

How many of you think that the best what you can do with money is to invest it? Or maybe you wonder how to navigate between various options of allocation of your assets? book your date on 09/05/ Protected content find out whats the best place for your money.

With couple of amazing folks we are organising Invest in the Future conference where you can get to know the perspective of experts on various investments starting from stock exchange finishing on retail.

But Invest in the Future is not just another investment conference, its a special event cause ALL THE PROFIT is going to SUPPORT EDUCATION OF REFUGEE KIDS in Malaysia. So if you were thinking what one person can do in order to help those in need, that could be a part of your answer.

Join our event - facebook page here: Protected content
or Internations page here:
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tickets can be bough here:
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