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ISKL info wanted (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi All,
We are moving to KL in December and hope that our son will start going to ISKL from January. He is 4 years old.
Can anyone give their opinion on this school. I have looked at their website.
How many teachers per class ? In prep-junior. It says there are 14 students. How many divisions do they have in prep-junior ?
How is the food ?
What after school activities/clubs they have at the Melawati campus ? Are these any good ? Do we pay extra for all or some ?
Any issues you have had with the school ?
Also we are from UK and after 2/3 years we will probably move back anyone knows if there is a problem for 6/7 year old adjusting from American to UK system ?
Sorry lots of questions, any info. would be good.

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