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Job/contract information (Kuala Lumpur)

Had recently applied for post of Sales & Marketing Manager at Tune Hotels advertised on Protected content and still being advertised. Location of hotel near airport.
Received a positive response, followed by a telephone interview with HR Director which lasted 15 minutes. Two days later received contract. All in all conditions good and everything laid out transparently in contract. Reverted with certain queries I had, to which they responded but not on every point.
What I was rather concerned about is how can they confirm the job only after seeing my CV and a 15 minute interview.
Also they wrote that I should come for a 2 week orientation programme beginning of May and start officially in October however they then wrote that they made a mistake and I must start immediately after the orientation programme which was impossible as I had to tie things up here, commitments etc. in Austria.
They did not respond at all to to my query regarding removal costs for personal effects-do they expect me to just come over with one suitcase?
The other point was that I must pay 50% of travel costs, air fares for my wife and I visa etc. in advance and they will reimburse me 5 days after my arrival-I see no sense in this if I would have anyway accepted the contract and come over.
So I responded that based on above circumstances I have to decline the offer-since then they did not respond so I assume they are no longer interested.
I would just like to know if such conditions are standard in Malaysia as in all the other countries I have worked in, I have actually gone to the country in the first instance to look at the job, company and environment. Also have no idea about their reputation as an employer.
Any input would be of great help and interest.

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