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Jobs 2 | Taking your Career to the Next Level! (Kuala Lumpur)


(After writing this sometime ago, I received an overwhelming response in my inbox that I decided to expand on this a little bit more.)

Job hunting is a fine balance between luck and skill. Speaking as an experience headhunter for the last 8 years with over hundred placements, you are never guaranteed what you plan out for.

Online portals give you that feeling you are doing well in your search; however, it is no different than emailing directly to the companies or looking at classifieds. Going to recruiters is one option, but frankly, recruiters do bulk and forward CVs resumes to potential clients without really understanding the value proposition or unique selling point or the potential of a candidate.

Pure Headhunters like me dont rely on databases or resumes, we in fact headhunt clients for their mandates and then go to market with their specs. Here is the only time when we get a chance to make a great difference in a person's life, career, family and them and their futures ~ all with one phone call away. Its also our luck and skill that plays that same hand and in turn their luck and skill in receiving.

So how do we get a job for you.. easy... forget all and everything that you have been programmed to do to prepare, and simply keep things sweet and simple. You need a kick ass resume or CV, or both. You need to spend time understanding who you are and ask someone to write for you. Each line that you write has to be a success story, or a strategic choice of words that give you the edge. Your CV and resume must personify you. Spend about Protected content writing it. Its like a mini-novel or a short story in 3 pages (Malaysian standard) to 5 pages. Talk through your resume. It takes skill to write such a document. It must include Who, Where, What, Why, How and your successes.

Then the rest is luck, whom to approach, how to approach and when to approach. But with a good kick ass Resume, chances are you will get your call backs.

If you are or have been in sales, as a foreigner, you will have less issues being in this line of work. Focus on showing your success story in generating leads, converting to sales and how you close. Do not focus on property as an industry, but as a product so you can take your skills to a multi-industry disciplinary. So sales in IT, Medicine, etc are easy to understand and move into, as visa's are readily available and top corporates always want/need sales generators and good closers. ps: you dont need to be concerned about whatever your education is in the sales industry, just the numbers for the last 3 years.

So with your CV ready, make a list of 25 companies you would like to work for and ask yourself why. Understand your needs too. Once you a see a trend, you may omit half of them and replace them with different companies, and sometimes different geographical/regional locations. Malaysia isn't bad in terms of finding work, its just not transparent or highly efficient. It also means there are many jobs out there that are unfulfilled. There are 3 million vacancies in this country. Somebody must be in great desire to fill those roles up, otherwise, who is running their businesses...? So when your list is ready, you will understand how best to approach them. It could HR, Web, Friend, Boss, "Lubang", or even the Janitor. What it means is that there is always an "In" to an opportunity, you just need to find it. And if you do it well, then you already understand the skill not only to survive, but the skill to procure and make your opportunities happen!

AND Also, remember to find something that ignites your passion,
not because you happen to have a degree in a particular field!

Feel free to drop me your resume for my comments. I have written CVs for many and some of whom are on InterNations, whom probably can attest to the qualitative features of one's skill as oppose to quantitative. The best way to send me CVs is to upload them on Google Docs and send me the link. My email address is on my IN profile. I can't do wonders, but I can make a difference.

Good Luck, but chances are you won't need it!
You have what it takes to get where you need to be!
If anyone asks you what are your qualifications,
Just remember... you are ALWAYS QUALIFIED!
See you at the Top!
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Thank you for reading this, please do share your thoughts below.
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I always look forward to comments and constructive opinions
or even false notions and try to reply them as quickly as I can!
Please feel free to *Connect* with me on InterNations! Cheers!
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