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Language Research: Native English speakers needed! (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi everyone,

I'm a psychology undergraduate at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus working on language research. I'm looking for native English speakers who are monolingual to participate in my experiment!

A short description of the study:
This study explores the mechanisms underlying word learning in English-monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual adults. Specifically, whether adults can form associations between novel words with novel objects and familiar everyday objects. Participants will wear earphones and be required to click on one of the two images presented on an iPad while listening to the audio input (i.e., “Can you find the X?”) and also fill in a follow-up questionnaire.

Requirements for Participation:
- Participants must be English monolinguals (they are only fluent in English & only use one language to communicate)
- Adults aged 18 years and above

The study only takes about 20 minutes per person and you will be paid RM10 upon completion!

Where will this study take place? Anywhere that is convenient to you!

I am willing to meet those able to help me anywhere around the KL/Selangor area. Yes, I will go to you.

As you all know, finding English monolinguals in Malaysia is particularly hard. So I would greatly appreciate the help as this experiment will lead to my first academic journal publication. If you'd like to help or know anyone that could help me, please PM me! I need around 13 to 15 people. I'm also open to suggestions on other ways I can find English monolinguals in Malaysia.

Hope y'all are having a good day!


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