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Let’s Break Rules of Almighty Traditional Resume (Kuala Lumpur)

Let’s Break Rules of Almighty Traditional Resume & Make Our OWN:

Let’s admit it! 90% or even more of us love to have our desired jobs, with the same old chronological or functional resumes.

But we don’t understand that rules are changed for high converting resumes – the basic mantra to understand is simple, nowadays we are writing for scanners.

Write for Scanners

Do you know how recruiting/hiring managers read your resume?

They usually don’t

Resumes are scanned or glanced at, not read.

So how can you write for scanners?

Rule 1: Gone are days of 2 – 3 lines of objective. Simply use headline in giant fonts to highlight your area of expertise

Rules 2: Entice scanners with sub headlines to highlight skills you command in specific area of expertise

Rules 3: Follow the principle of inverted pyramid – start with your higher authority skills to lower

Quick tips for easy to scan resume:
Don’t waste the time of your prospective recruiter – tell them quickly what you are in your headline. Entice them with important skills in sub headlines mentioned in job requirements.

Write for Readers Too

Job related skills' sub headlines persuade scanner to stop skimming and start reading and reading should be made to be as effortless as possible with:

Rule 1: Drop using paragraphs

Rule 2: Use short sentences

Rule 3: Use simple understandable words (unless you are presenting any technical area of expertise)

Use Design to Create Interest

Resume isn’t only about words. Design should break the long held rule of “Arial Font Size 10 on White A4 Paper”. Resume content and design interact and strengthen each other, both impact readability.

Your out-of-the-box & creative thinking should be highlighted through your resume design, choices of colors and art work; you have used to explain your background. Only design can stand you out of bandwagon.

Show, Don’t Tell

“Whenever you can, make a product itself the hero of your advertising. If you think the product is too dull, I have news for you: there are no dull products, only dull writers” – David Ogilvy

Try to present yourself as most reliable product and know yourself. I think this is the most difficult question to answer – Who you are? But without knowing yourself you cannot sell.

Most recruiting/hiring managers don’t read rather scan resumes. Convince them to become reader and take action. Cut the number of words drastically where possible, use images instead of words, give your contact details even your social network profile links which will increase your visibility.

Creating simple traditional resume is easy but I would love to tell you that you need to invent or follow new formulas. And creating persuasive resume isn’t just about choosing right words, selecting readable fonts, beautiful designs

You need to do much more than that

Know yourself, what you can do better than any other? How you have created new ways of doing old things? And off course what are the requirements of your hiring organization?

Knowing these things, before hands, are important to WIN

I have read a lot of threads about job searching in local market and most of them think that it’s difficult for expats, but I think nothing is impossible. There are a lot of companies, which don’t hire robots but are in serious search of IDEA Engineers. So try to be one and present yourself in most creative and acceptable style. Protected content

I am marketer with expertise in brand & event management and I have created my fresh resume, you can access it at:

Protected content

PS: Hey! This is not sample resume

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