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Looking for Oil & Gas Expat position (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi there

I am an oil and gas drilling engineer in Australia and am looking into a potential relocation to KL if a good opportunities arrived. If anyone knows of any opportunities and can provide guidance that would be much appreciated. I am aware of the various job classifieds websites which post jobs.

Please feel free to review my LinkedIn profile which has career information (Christopher Williams). Thus far I have 4 years in the industry and have gained a variety of skills so far. My company NOV provides oilfield equipment to contractors and operators. My specialty is drill bits, drilling tools, drilling optimisation and coring services. My role has a multifaceted interface with the industry - office technical sales, drilling engineering and technical support and field based support. As of this year I am the regional manager of my small team of engineers.

I would appreciate if you could direct me onto any recruiters or opportunities which you think would be a good fit.

Many thanks

Christopher Williams

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