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Malaysia | Safety Reminders! (Kuala Lumpur)


4 Safety Reminders when taking a Taxi!

I am not one who likes to post negative news, but this one was something I could not ignore. Last night's event was very successful, and the number of us heading back home late in taxis got me reading this closer to heart than I would normally do, and hence I thought it would be worth reminding these tips so we don't take Malaysian taxis for granted. (Not all Malaysian taxis are driven by Malaysians). Whilst I cannot verify the actual incident in the article, I thought the safety tips were relevant. We must remind ourselves to be vigilant and alert especially after a night out in town.

"Here are a few safety tips to consider the next time you go out:

1. Never, ever trust anyone or be too helpful or kind when you’re alone. Attackers prey on vulnerable, helpful people they can take advantage of – keep your belongings close, do not let your belongings out of your sight even for a minute, and do not entertain any questions from strangers who seem too helpful and kind without a cause (if it seems like the conversation is going no where at all, your alarm bells should be ringing). Thieves usually work in pairs, so while you’re distracted by being too kind, someone else has probably run off with your handphone that you placed on your table while having coffee.

2. Trust your gut instinct. Always ask yourself if it would be worth risking your life if you took this shortcut, got on a dodgy looking taxi, etc. Chances are, after asking yourself that question the option of taking a longer but safer route home or waiting for your friend to pick you up will not sound so tedious anymore. Also, a good friend will never think it’s out of the way or asking for too much if you explained to them. Do you honestly think they could have that on their conscience if something bad DID happen to you?

3. Make it known that someone knows your in a taxi. After you get in, immediately call somebody and tell them you’re on the way. Make sure the cab driver knows that someone is expecting you, hopefully this will prohibit them from taking you on a terror ride as people will be looking for you if you don’t show up within the hour. Download the app Watch Over Me which makes it easy for you to alert someone if you’re in a dangerous situation as you will need to check in after every activity you have planned out is completed. Failure to do so will result in an automatic alert being sent out.

4. Avoid getting on rogue taxis. There are opportunists everywhere, looking for the next easy target on the street. Never get on to a taxi that has more than one person on it. Avoid being a statistic by using a taxi service that has the driver details documented and will also track down your journey. Apps such as MyTeksi also have a ‘Share My Ride’ feature so you can inform others that your journey has begun and they will be able to follow your movements live on a map. MyTeksi is efficient and after making a request, the driver nearest to you will usually be the one to pick you up – so no long waits.

We will never know when the next attack will happen, but we can be more aware of our surroundings and avoid getting ourselves into horrific situations. Be vigilante, and always take extra precautions."

* Extracted from: Protected content

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