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Malaysia social visa question (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello everyone! I apologize in advance if there's another thread in this forum that answers my question elsewhere...

I'm am American who has been living and working in Selangor for nearly 9 months. I do not have a work permit; instead, I've just opted to get a new social visa (passport stamp) every three months by leaving the country and coming back. I've done this twice so far with no hassle.

Each trip I've taken has only been for three days. My visa will be up again in a couple of weeks. I plan to go to Singapore next week to reset it again. But this time, I plan to be gone for just one day and then come back.

My question: Is a day trip sufficient if I want to get a new social visa, or do I need to take a longer trip (two or three days) as I did on my previous trips?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!

- Jamal

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