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Malaysia | Some fun technology facts! (Kuala Lumpur)

I was Googling some fun technology facts about Malaysia,
and these popped up.............!

#Long-form content accounts for 45% of online video viewing in Malaysia

#Internet users in Malaysia view social network sites 14B times every month

#Malaysia has 34MM mobile subscribers and 17.5MM internet users

#80% of Malaysian Internet users stream or download videos each month, and 51% have an active YouTube profile

#Malaysian Internet users spend nearly 20 hours per week online, compared to 10.6 watching broadcast TV

#Malaysia's mobile penetration is more than 100%, compared to 59% for Internet and 41% for social media

#Singaporeans lead the Asian region in online usage, spending 25 hours online each week, followed by Filipinos (21.5) and Malaysians (19.8)

#Smartphones are prevalent in Singapore and Thailand, and gaining ground in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Penetration is considerably lower in Vietnam at just 11%

#YouTube accounts for 67% of all online videos viewed in Malaysia, out of an audience of 9.3MM

#Social networking, at 32.1%, holds the largest share of online minutes for those in Malaysia, followed by 11.5% for entertainment

#87.9% of Malaysians on the Internet access Facebook
Social Networking Accounts for One Third of All Time Spent Online in Malaysia - comScore, Inc

#Of the 11MM people ages 15 and older who access the Internet from home or work in Malaysia, 92.4% visit Google sites

#Malaysians spent 19% more time watching online video in August vs. last year
Social Networking Accounts for One Third of All Time Spent Online in Malaysia

#The number of Malaysians accessing the Internet hit 41 percent in Protected content , a 15 percent increase over the previous year. The highest usage was recorded among people aged Protected content almost six in ten (57%) regularly use the Internet, spending an average of 22.3 hours online per week

#More than 80% of Malaysians use the internet outside the home at internet cafes

Are you one of these stats?

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