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Mature Social Get-Togethers (Kuala Lumpur)

OK, OK, me again....I have viewed a few Blogs which are looking in to the idea of establishing a Social 'Society' but these are in essence, managed by the younger generation and for the younger generation...although they don't say that. Nothing wrong with that, we more mature Expats were all that age once upon a time.

The main issue with these younger 'Societies' is that while we maturer people also like to have fun, socialise, Dine etc we do have a different view on life basically because we have lived longer !! So with all this in mind, I'm seeing just who would be interested to meet up on a fairly regular basis to socialise with others of a similar mind-set.

What I have in mind is not just meeting occasionally in some watering hole or another but to also have 'Dining Out' get-togethers or other 'stimulating' rendezvous...I believe there is a lot to do in KL but those on their own DO feel 'Out of it' so this is an opportunity to make it happen....

Needless to say, if this starts to attract a serious number of people then an 'Oganising' Team (a couple of people) will need to be set-up so that we Manage the 'Society' effectively.

Ideas on the back of a postage stamp please :))

C'mon people there must be numerous Matures out there who also want this !!!

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