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Moving to Malaysia with a cat (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello Internations KL!

My company is relocating me to your fair city for a Protected content project and I will be bringing my cat along as well from our current home in Turkey. I have gotten some contradictory information regarding bringing a pet to KL and thought I might see if any of you have direct experience in the matter.

1. Does the cat need to be microchipped to come to Malaysia? Some people say she does and others say she does not.

2. How about the timing of health examinations and import permits? One website said the health examination document had to be dated 7 days or less from arrival in KL and others said the examination and import would be valid for one month after date of issue--any ideas which is correct?

3. How is the KLIA quarantine facility? Do I need to leave food, etc with my cat or will the quarantine facility provide it? Also, I noticed a pet hotel at the airport when googling the quarantine facility--could I "quarantine" her at the pet hotel or does she need to use the official quarantine facility?

Thanks advance for the help!

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