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My dog and I do not come apart! (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi all,
Sorry if this is a repeat but I tried searching to see if this matter is covered - I'm certain it will have been - but I couldn't figure out how to locate the thread. My dog and I do not come apart. I have been offered a position in KL, and I want to accept it, so I need to know from the perspective of a western cultural view, how are dogs welcomed and included in the local culture and communities? This is the single most important matter for me. Anything else is workable, but if there is likely to be any issue with my having her, that would be deal breaker for me coming - and I really want to come! Please share your experiences and observations as well as things I need to consider as someone who is not too familiar with cultural norms in Malaysia concerning dogs. All help and input will be most appreciated.
Thank you everyone and again, I do apologise if I have violated a forum guideline. I will get better at this as I use it more.

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