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NCTech iStar Pulsar (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello all,

I have 1 unit of the NCTech iStar Pulsar Protected content for sale.

This is a camera for Engineers, Architects, Crime Scene Analysts, Virtual Tour Photographers, etc

NCTech iStar Pulsar
Protected content
FW: V.2.3.2
Bought March Protected content
USD Protected content
External USB GPS unit included
Pelican Hard Case Included
16GB Sandisk Class 10 Memory Card Included

Ease of use and zero set up time iSTAR is the first Protected content camera with the power to process its images internally, with no need for a computer to complete post-production processing or stitching.  Crucially, iSTAR can be used by anyone and does not need special training or photographic skills. With zero set up time it is small, light and robust, making it easy to transport and quick to deploy.

The iSTAR is precision engineered like no other camera and its construction pushes the very limits of today's technology. With no moving parts, four lenses are mounted in a solid steel case. It is this armour that allows the camera to operate at the highest level of precision.

Current Protected content imaging systems typically require around Protected content to capture and generate a 50 megapixel spherical image. iSTAR has 4 calibrated sensors delivering a 50MPixel full spherical accurate image with excellent high dynamic range. With the iSTAR the same spherical image is captured instantly in one single shutter release. The final image is ready in under 10 seconds. This rapid speed of capture together with the iSTAR's light weight and zero setup time allows multiple locations to be photographed in minutes, not hours.

About the camera:
Protected content

More details and pictures here:
Protected content

Email me at Protected content or send me a message/whatsapp at Protected content

Thank you,

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