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Need some expat input on living areas (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello all and thank you for welcoming me to the expat family.

I'm looking for some expat input on some living areas in KL city. I have read quite a lot about KL and now i am a bit overwhelmed by the (sometimes contradicting) information. So i was hoping some of you could give me a down to earth and simple view on things.

1. As i will be working in Mid Valley and Cyberjaya, i was told i need to find housing in the South-Western areas of KL (Mont Kiara, Bangsar). This because else i will be spending hours each day in traffic.
Is this true? Or can live in Bukit Bintang or KLCC and just evade traffic by moving outside of rush hour?
(what time is rush hour in KL btw?? :))
I was also told traveling to Cyberjaya by PT is a big no-no. Is this true? Google says its would take 3+ hours and im wondering if this is really accurate.

2. I was also told that i should aim for a expat community, like Mont Kiara or Bangsar. However, i saw some nice property in Brickfield, Mid Valley and Bangsar South.
Are these save/ nice neighborhoods as well? Especially for a young woman to walk on the streets alone? (i don't want to come over as rude or insensitive, just looking for the facts after i read so many contradicting stories)

Thankful for any help people are willing to give.

Kind regards,


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