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New kid on the block (Kuala Lumpur)

Hey guys, I'm an Aussie who recently moved to KL with my girlfriend (who is Malaysian) and I need to connect with some expats to make friends and for networking.

Bit of a back story - We were happily working in Melbourne enjoying life, when suddenly we received the unfortunate news that my girlfriend's father passed away unexpectedly. So without hesitation we packed up and within the month we arrived to provide support for the family in these tough times. Now that I'm here I want to do all I can to settle in (I am finding it a bit difficult, but I don't regret a thing), and to try and find work which will allow me to stay. In the month I've been here I've been doing all I can to find work, although I come up against the same road block which I've read others have, but the difference is I don't give up and will exhaust every avenue I can.

Please connect with me and let me know your story so that I can learn and become more settled.

Cheers !

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