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NEWS On Malaysian Elections & Future Economy (Kuala Lumpur)

Dear All, I would appreciate your advice on following

1) What are the NEWS Papers in Malaysia where you can read an unbiased opinion on it's Economy, Current Affairs and Politics ???

So far I read the online versions of Straight Times and The Sun which I believe are pro Government NEWS Papers. You only hear galvanized NEWS. It's always importsnt to know the truth and the reality.

2) Have the Rulling Party and the Opposition come out with it's respective Election Manifesto ???

How could one get hold of the 2 respective Election Manifestos to read & understand their future direction of Malaysia, road map for year Protected content claims they will become a developed nation by Protected content how would you achieve that is the question ), pledges and promises, up-coming major infrastructure projects, key target industries example - Pharma, Automobile, Hi-Tec, Financial Services, Tourism, Agriculture, Planned Tax Reforms, Economic Policies and more importantly the crucial open economic reform policies in the pipeline ?

3) What is the most famous English NEWS and Business Channel in Malaysia similar to BBC, CNN, CNNC, Al Jazeera, RTV, Cannelnews Asia, NDTV and Bloomberg etc

Thanks in advance for your input !!!

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