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Opera Extravaganza in KL Pac July 9 at 8.30 (Kuala Lumpur)


just wanted to share, yesterday I was on marvelous concert Opera Extravaganze in KLPac. It's part of annual festival. Very beautiful bariton, soprano and very enthusiastic conductor. It's kind of mix of opera hits plus bit from West Side Story.
(not sure what it has to do with opera, but it was nice as well :-)
I was very delighted with the concert that's why wanted to share with you as well.

Unfortunately organizing committee gave too little publicity, (not a word in KL Expat or any other expat magazine). I didn't know either, was invited in last minute by friend.
Seriously, if you miss this touch of classical music, you should go for this concert.
Tonight will be the same concert (and last one for this year festival).
They still have tickets, but better check with ticket office.

Detailed information: Protected content
Dress code: smart casual.
My advice: if you haven't been in KL Pac before, better to check with map or GPS in advance, it's not easy to find.

Have a good day,

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