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Opinions please: Living in Bukit Ceylon or Bangsar (Kuala Lumpur)


Hi all,

I am about to move to KL and am an American female. I want to live in an area where I will be able to meet a lot of other expats without traveling too much -- i.e. can walk to meet-ups rather than take a cab or LRT. I'm looking into apartments in the Bukit Ceylon area near Bukit Bintang and Bangsar, and can't decide which would be better for someone like me. Bangsar seems great but not as convenient for nightlife as Bukit Bintang. I really like the idea of being able to walk outside and have a ton of activity like I would in Bukit Bintang, but am worried that the major expat community is in Bangsar. Especially in my first few months, I want to be able to go places on my own and meet people without having to take public transport alone.

Any opinions on the pluses and minuses of both? Safety is also a major priority. Both locations would work for my workplace.

Thanks in advance.

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