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I realize that many people are having a difficult time since Covid19 has hit not only Malaysia but worldwide.
back in March Prime Minister announced a stimulus package of Protected content RM. Where RM128bil to be used to protect the welfare of the people and RM100bil to support businesses including small and medium enterprises.

Malaysian are lucky to have such a supportive government, however, for people who are unemployed or in between jobs, or just lost their source of income, the incentives will be short-lived and affected individuals will have to figure out a long-term solution, like starting an online business, or a freelance job where you can work with multiple companies and expand your horizons.
Please get in touch with me to explore how Neuro Coaching can help you make a healthy transition towards your new business or career.
All our coaching programs apply TAS Triangulation Alignment System that focuses on achieving optimum alignment between body, mind and spirit. Neuro Coaching is a fusion of various coaching methodologies, mentoring, conscious and subconscious modalities in combination with cognitive and brain-based learning. Cognitive Neuroscience Coaching can help you cultivate productive habits ecologically, get rid of old habits, and re-wire your brain in the process (Neuroplasticity). Neuro Coaching is proven to help generate rapid behavioral change, sustainable and transformational results.
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Dr. Jamal Nassar
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