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Please help!! Aiuto per favore!! (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello Everyone,

I have a question. PLEASE ANSWER!

Me and my husband (both European) are planning to move to Kuala Lumpur, we are living in Dubai now but he has an offer for Kuala Lumpur with the same European Company he is working for in Dubai. Here in Dubai I am Regional Manager for a well known Luxury Brand.

The question is: Given the fact that I WANT to find a job there, I want to know if once I am employed there I have to obey to the Malaysian local working conditions (low salary, only 8 days of annual leave, only 60 days of maternity leave etc...)???

Or as an expat will I have different working conditions?

One more thing. If I will have to obey to the Malaysian local conditions will I be able to get more annual leave days and/or maternity leave days simply asking to be unpaid?

Because my husband will have European conditions, according to the labor law of his country but I will have to go and get a job there on my own.

I want an answer from all the European/Italian expats out there in Kuala Lumpur!!


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