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possible move to KL (Kuala Lumpur)


Hey everyone,

I guess most of you will roll their eyes reading another topic about salary, housing etc...But I would really appreciate if you would help me.

My current situation. I'm in contact with my companies subsidary in KL and they are very interessted in hireing me. Up to now, we did not negotiate about salary and additional benefits. In order to be well prepared for the upcoming negotiations I would like to get some information what the complete package should be worth at least. Please dissmiss benefits like flights home or relocation services as I would not negotiate about these basics.

My background
- 8 years of experience in freight forwarding
- bachelor degree
- current career level head of department
- company leased car
- 1 child 6 months old
- will move with partner (will most probably not work)

- 4 bedroom condo
- car
- int. Kindergarden
- health insurance

What are your experiences about the min. of salaray and benefits I would be in need for a good life or the other way round: what's my value in KL ;-)


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