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Potential move from Australia (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi Everyone, Sorry I know these questions have probably been asked a thousand times but I'm a little overwhelmed atm and don't know where to begin!

My husband has a potential job opportunity in the vicinity of Setia City.

Still in the early stages but I'm trying to guage where this is in relation to family friendly places to live/schools etc

We are Australian and have one child who will be in second grade next year as well as a three yr old and baby.

Would we be better to live somewhere like Setia Eco Park or Mont Kiara. I know there is an international school at Setia City called Tenby? Reviews don't look too good though.

Where is the Australian school in relation to good expat communities?

Would we better offf living close to Aus school and my husband travelling to Setia . . . What are other good school options?

Sorry for the vague ramblings!

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