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Potentially moving to KL (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi - I'm looking to access the hive of knowledge and insight here to help with information regarding potential move to KL.

Been approached about an expat assignment with current employer and locations could be either KL or Singapore. We have an office in KL so that seems marginally more logical but as I will be travelling most weeks either would work for international air travel.

As I would be away most weeks for some or all of the week my wife ( no kids) would be left behind in KL and we have read a variety of comments about safety and crime that basically have us confused. It's clear Singapore is one of the safest ( and most expensive) places to live on the planet and lots of the comments regarding safety comparing the two are written by Singaporeans and so I'm assuming everywhere is less safe so their perspective is narrowed somewhat?

Would like your view on quality of life for the other person in the relocated team, in this case my wife - no good moving somewhere if she will end up being unable to join clubs in the evenings if she cannot be out after dark alone e.g. coming back from social club or drama rehearsal

Thanks for bearing with us and reading to the end and we both appreciate any insight you can give

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