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Preferred schools for expat kids in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Me and my family are thinking to move to Malaysia. We have a 6-yr old son, who is starting the Primary School next year, and I was wondering if anyone here with kids could tell me what your favorite schools are for this type of education. I was going to say “favorite”, but I know that choosing a school for children involves many criteria, and I know that those of you that have kids, and your kids are attending a Malaysian school, certainly did this research task too.

We know there are several schools in Malaysia; we’re interested in those that offer and American or English system (we have found there are plenty, even some with German and Japanese methods, etc).

Once we have this list of suggestions, we will certainly contact the schools to get more information, like when the school cycle starts / ends, what the requirements are for expat kids, what fees have to be paid, etc.

Any information anyone has to share would be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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