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Processing of WORKING PERMIT (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi Expats!

I am just wondering if anyone has experienced cancelling the ongoing process of a working permit to move to another company
I recently signed an offer with one company - offer is ok, job scope fits my expertise, nice people, nice office they are keen to on board me ASAP and started processing my requirements for Working permit. Then I got a call from "THE COMPANY of MY DREAMS" asked me to drop by for interview. I went and did my best. I didn't hear from them for a while. I thought I was not considered.
I needed a job so I went ahead and confirmed to the other company that I will join them by next month, signed all papers necessary for working permit. After all that and knowing my start date I got a call for 2nd interview on that other company. The interview will be next week. Even if I make it I will still need to schedule the 3rd (and last interview) and wait for them to confirm I am hired. this may take a few more weeks if all is well

I need the job and VISA as soon as possible and as much as I want to pursue that application the risk and uncertainty is not practical in my current status. I am currently reconsidering if I would still pursue the other application and just pay the fine if there is any. I know all of these are just hypothetical as I am not even hired for that other company yet but any input or comment would be much appreciated

I have a few questions:

1. Has anyone of you experienced something similar?
2. Is there such a thing as blacklist if you cancel an ongoing process of Working VISA?
3. Is it true that I need to leave Malaysia for 3 months if I will be transferring to a new company?
4. Is it considered transferring even if I have not officially started working with the 1st company?

If you have any specific information that will help kindly let me know

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