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Regarding EP cancellation (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi, I would like to ask you 1 question regarding visa cancellation.

I already informed my current company and submit my resignation form saying that my last work day will be end of this month (30th). And the supervisor said that I need to do tax clearance before leaving Malaysia.

However, I really want to stay here KL and wish to have new job opportunity in Malaysia. I'm currently keep looking for new job in KL.

So my question is,

1) After visa cancellation, Can I get 30 days visa-free to stay in Malaysia like Singapore? one of my friends said this is true but I'm really not sure about this.

2) I just wanna remain this country and don't want to do tax clearance as I'm keep looking for new job in KL. So would that be possible to extend my visa if I cannot get 30 days visa-free?

Thanks in advance!

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