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Rent car in KL, what can I expect to pay? (Kuala Lumpur)



I have contacted a couple of local companys and asked for a quote on a 1-year lease (including full insuranse) on a compact local car. The "best" quotes so far are:

Perodua Kembara Auto year make Protected content 1500/month
Perodua Myvi Auto year make Protected content 1800/month
Proton Waja Auto year make Protected content 1600/month

Are theese prices what I can expect to pay or will I be able to negotiate as far down as RM Protected content ?

I will be living a stones throw from KLCC, so I am not sure if I even need a car on a full time basis. When I moved to Bangkok from Phuket I ended up selling my giant Nissan Navara after 6 months beacause of the traffic. So bying is out of the question.

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