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SCAMS | New Scams and Crimes Advisory (Kuala Lumpur)

Dear friends,

Please use this thread for new crime advisory board in particular targetted at our expat community. I have posted the first one to have recently hit our shores and i believe we have heard or even experience specific cunning criminal activities. Please share, be vigilant and be aware!


Over the past weeks I have been hearing chatter about funds being solicited for charitable causes. If you have been solicited, consider this: typically in Malaysia, formal charities have to be licensed and regulated. They are so above board, that monies spent are given a tax deductible receipt. Malaysians typically frown upon informal charities, though the spirit of giving is always there. Recently there has been a spike of charitable causes that are not governed by the acts that protect consumers; and this is alarming. More so, that these solicitations have been used via Social Media and Social Networking sites, and I am sure InterNations is not spared either. If you have been solicited, please do share it here! You may not realise this, but it may benefit other naive or uninformed members of our community.


Word just in from Sarawak, an eastern state of Malaysia on the Borneo island, that there is a group of people promoting Chinese tea by the brandname of Fujian Tie Guan Yin. It is actually White Clay, a tranquiliser drug which would make you faint with a sniff. Once the victim has passed out, the 'promoter' would carry out their criminal intent such as robbery, rape, kill and even take out your organs for sale. Please beware of similar tactics if someone come up to you requesting you sample their product by smelling it. Reported cities at the moment are Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu.

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