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Specific information for Expat Indians in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)


I am currently working in OMAN and have opporutnity to work with MNC in Malaysia, I have had lot of general survey but i guess this is the place i can get realistic information. I know question are bit more and longer, but need good feedback on the below questions.

1) How easy it is for Indian Lady to get job in Malaysia considering on family visa , considering if she is either into Chartered Accountant, Doctor, or Engineering sector, like chance are there or it is difficult?

2) I heard it is very difficult to own a car in Malaysia. I mean currently I am in MUSCAT (OMAN) and car has become a kind of Habit and its very cheap here, so just wanted to know, seconded hand used car fully automatic, in good condition approx how much RM it would cost, just a rough Idea. (Local Brand used car)

3) I heard that Malaysian don’t tends/prefer to mingle with Indians, I m not sure about that since I could collect the info from few net blogs.

4) My company is Providing me Full furnished accomodation, which probably is located in area called Seri Kembangan, to be precisive, in SOUTH CITY CONDOMINIUM, near SOUTH CITY PLAZA MALL, is this area good for staying for Indian, I mean i know Brickfield etc are places where we find indian community but, i dont have levrage to ask comapny to provide me the house in that palce, so this is very critical answer which i require, like is that good area to stay, Can i get Indian expats locality a bit in that sector if not on large scale?

5) Most important question of all, is Vegetarian food a problem , since I am Gujarati and pure veg, I don’t even take eggs, is food a problem, I am still single but will be getting married in 1 years time, so will have to depend on restaurants only for daily food, considering the fact that I might not own car for 1 year, in above SOUTH CITY area can i get pure veg food, like typically chappati, dal, subji kind of things?

6) How is social life of Indian expat over there? (If any gujaratis are there, is it good for them as well?)


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