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Talks about Russell Peter.. (Kuala Lumpur)

Okies to much talked about gossip in town if he's really going to make it or not..i can definitely say he's gonna be down in kuala lumpur for sure unless some unexpected shit comes up(and that does go around here

So venue has been set from reliable source to be the famous KL CONVENTION CENTER

Date has been said to be MAY 8 which happens to be my birthday and aslo a week day*Crap*(suppose to get shitface that day after laughing my cracks off ..*bullocks*)

As for entry fee ..i hear its pretty pricey..400rm to start off with(Probably sell one asscheek for that one...*Joking*)

*So come on peeps lets go laugh our behinds off*

Would keep updating this post if there's any change..

Cheers All and have a smashing week..

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