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The Chop-Chopper Blues (Kuala Lumpur)

Ok... I have to ask this one...

Is it just me or some of the others on Inter Nations have experienced the following as well?

I moved here a few months ago running an R&D unit for the company I have worked for in New Zealand. Loving KL by the way... It's cool (except the Protected content of rain in the Klang Valley).

In NZ everything is electronic (for the most part) but here, every time I do some corporate paperwork (banking, electricity, tenancy agreement or any other agreement for that matter), I am asked to stamp it with the "Company Chop"... and then sign the paper in 50 places, then take the paperwork (by now a gianormous stack) and then someone has to stand in the queue to file it...

This is alien to me and I struggle with this paperwork BS a lot.
I told my EA the other day that we should get a "Company Chop" pendant designed for this and we will all hang a copy of the chop around our necks to suffice the "chop chop chop" need every time we go to do some documentation...


Anyone else facing the chop-chopper blues?

PS: The other day an important supplier cheque was dishonored by our bank because I mis-spelt the word "ringitt" when I wrote the cheque to the supplier. Took everyone a week to realize what happened... (cry)(cry)(cry)("boil my eyes out"...cry)("I want to throw my toys out of the cot" cry). Darn it... who took the box of tissues from my desk????

Another vent coming up about GST... you have no idea what I found out recently...

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