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The Haze (Kuala Lumpur)

Lately, I look from the window, and the whole sky is just dust, trying to breath, while overcoming this cold (largely due to this bad weather)... bad cough subsiding now.

However since we are not sure how long this will last, or the drought.. its been weeks since we seen some Malaysian rain....

Anyone have a good protocol for such weather! Those especially with kids should just stay indoors as much as possible. But kids have school, and sometimes I am not sure what to do, I guess life goes on, and we just watch over ourselves and the one we love.

It's especially inconvenient when you know you can't run or hide.. unless you leave the entire region, which is not a solution.

I have been coming to Malaysia and living here for over 10 years... never seen it like this...

I know we all should drink water frequently, and stay from the outdoor. But lately its been just creepy, the dust is sneaking in into the house from all small air ventilation or doorways. I guess I have to make peace with it.

Any tips for families, kids, I encourage you to share.
Thank you very much,



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