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Visiting Refugee Children This Saturday (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi Everyone, i ncase you are not aware, our KL Volunteer Group has an outing to visit the refugee children at Pandawas Academy on Saturday. We need your participation! We're purchasing sports gear for the school, we'll bring it in and setup for the kids, play a little, and also bring in lunch for the kids and staff.

This is really worthwhile, anyone who has participated in our activities with Pandawas Academy can vouch for the fact that these kids are amazing and in need of a break in life. Help us mitigate the stress of being a refugee from a war torn country and put a little balance back into their lives.

Here is the link: Protected content .

By all means, if you are not available on Saturday, we absolutely appreciate your contribution to help with the cost of the sports gear and lunch! On behalf of Phil, Daisy, Phoenix and myself, we appreciate your involvement!

Hope to see you there!



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