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Want to Move to KL (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi all,

I'm new to this but found this website very helpful.
I am a Canadian who married a Malaysian-Chinese who is originally from KL. We've been married for almost 5 years now and she is currently a Permanent Resident of Canada living with me in Vancouver and just recently applied for Canadian citizenship early this year. The problem I have is that she wants to move back to KL since all her family is there. I have no problem with that as I've been there every year for Chinese New Year holiday and love her family but I don't know what the best way to do it is. I am a senior web developer with 8 years experience in my field. We are currently saving money in hopes of eventually migrating to KL. Hopefully the salary I earn there will be enough for us to live comfortably.

Like I mentioned, I'm not sure what the best way to accomplish this is.
Since she is currently a Malaysian, would it be better if we try to migrate there now? I am a Canadian so I assume I'll need to get a company to sponsor me so I can get a working visa to stay there.

On the other hand, I wanted my wife to get her Canadian citizenship so in the case that things don't work out in KL then she can always come back to Canada with me. Currently she is just a permanent resident so once that expires in a year, she won't be able to come back unless we go through the long process of getting another visa and obviously we don't want to be apart. Also we can maybe try Singapore if things don't work out.

Assuming everything goes well we plan to buy a condo in KL for permanent living. Since she is currently still a Malaysian would it be easier to buy one now? The problem is that I'm the primary income earner so I'm not sure how the mortgage works and if she can get approved there. Once she becomes a Canadian I'm not sure if it'll be more difficult to buy property in KL. What happens if we purchase property now, while she's still a Malaysian but then she becomes Canadian end of next year? Would the mortgage terms change?

So now that I've explained my situation and goal of living in KL with my wife, what is the best way to make it happen? What do you think the timeline would be (finding a job, getting visas, moving there)?
And should we act now while she's still a Malaysian or would it be ok after she becomes Canadian? Any help is appreciated.
I want to start planning now so there's no sudden problems or anything hindering us from reaching our goal.


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