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What is needed? (Kuala Lumpur)

I'm a teacher moving to KL in August. Just to make life even more complicated I'm getting married in July...

My wife to be and I have discussed it, and we don't like the idea of being given money as wedding presents, but we obviously can't really accept many gifts when we'll be leaving the country a matter of weeks later!

My question, therefore, is what things do people feel like they needed in their homes when they first moved to Malaysia? What important things are often missing from furnished flats? We currently live in a furnished flat so won't be bringing any furniture with us. Or anything other than clothes and a couple of our four year old daughter's toys! And finally, is there a decent department store-esque shop where family and friends could order online?

Despite the fact we won't be able to rent an apartment until we're out there we do have somewhere things can be delivered and held until we arrive.

Thanks for reading, any help much appreciated!

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