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When, where, how much? Where to start ....... (Kuala Lumpur)

Morning All,
My partner and I have just had some great news, we have been offered jobs in KL starting in August. We would like to start renting somewhere from July and we weren't sure about area etc.
We will be working in Klang Valley, so would like somewhere convenient for there but aren't sure of areas. We're hoping to pop over to Malaysia in the next couple of weeks, to check some places out so any recommendations welcome.
We'd also like it to be within easy distance by walking or taxi of somewhere relatively social (bars and restaurants) and we'd like to be able to shop so nearish to a mall.
Ideally we'd like a house with three bedrooms and we have 4 kittens, so it needs to be a pet friendly owner.
We also have huge amounts of furniture already, so we'd like unfurnished. Is this common? How does it tend to effect the rental price?
Does anyone have any suggestions about areas to start look or the kind of prices we would expect to pay? How early do we need to look if we want to rent from July? and what kind of deposit would we be expected to pay?
Would really appreciate any guidance on this as we're very excited but effectively clueless, all my previous jobs have provided accommodation so this is a first for both of us.

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