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Will i still need tax papers if EP expired (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi everyone! Just joined this community…I would be immensely grateful for some tips regarding the rather unique situation I face and online searches yield no outcomes!
I just love KL and have visited numerous times. I got an offer to work for a high school in KL in early Protected content , got the VDR and arrived in KL in August Protected content . To my chagrin, the school had very poor enrollments, faculty were all trying to search for other jobs and the school was obviously going thru a tough patch. I obtained the employment pass and was told to go back to India and would be called when things improve!!! I was never called back but after a year did visit the school at my own expense and nothing had changed. So I never did join the school formally, do not have a bank account for salary and have never paid any kind of tax. In the meantime I got another offer from a very good international school. They wanted to me to furnish several documents from my previous ‘’employer” like shortening of the employment pass, tax papers etc. My previous ‘’employer” did not cooperate at all and just kept saying that he would he call me back once things improve. So this good offer elapsed!!
Now my work permit has expired in August Protected content . (I don’t know if any formalities are to be done about the expired permit) . I have neither drawn any salary or anything. I am now got a third offer and it is in the negotiation stages.
Would I still need any kind of documents from the previous “employer”? He is unlikely to cooperate. I am sick tired of all this and just want to land up in my dream job in KL and have a good life.
Any inputs on this would be highly appreciated.

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