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Working and living in Seremban (Kuala Lumpur)


Hi, currently I received an offer to work for two years in the area of Seremban. Due to the fact that I have two children (3 years; 2month) the decision is not easy for me! Plan would be to move for two years to Malaysia with my family.

Is there anybody who can give me some help / information regarding:

1) how is Seremban
2) international community available? We are from Germany!
3) Would it be better to move close to KL and I would travel each day to Seremban
4) what about Kindergarten
5) experiences of other expats who moved together with their family to Malaysia

There are actually thousand questions and I hope someone shares his/her experiences with me.

For me most important would be that my family enjoys this movement. I will be working the whole day and they need to have the possibility to do something!

Mans thanks in advance


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