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Working in KL, and my wife? (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi all,

There is a good chance I can be transfered to KL (in which case I will work there on a local contract). As a family we are very excited about this. But,.. there is one question. My wife is currently a retail buying manager (wih expeirence in fashion, warehouses and supermarkets) and would like to check out chances to get a job in KL too.

Thus far I heard that this could be a challenge and we were adviced to have her arrange this from The Netherlands already (contrary to starting to look for jobs after we moved over).

- Can she get a working permit when living in KL?
- Does any of you know what chances she would have, considering the above?
- What should she be focusing on, if she want to max her chances?

Looking forward to any replies ;-)

Regards and who knows: until soon?

Martijn Brouns

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